Voyage is the latest release by composer and performing artist, Garth Stevenson. The album reflects both the literal and metaphysical voyages that have impacted him over the four years he spent creating the music. The opening track Passage was inspired by a close and spiritual encounter with a humpback whale while kayaking on the Pacific. Farewell was improvised on a piano next to his grandmother's hospice bed, helping her through her final moments. The Plains was inspired by the explorers Lewis and Clark, while Voyage embodies Shackleton’s journey to Antarctica in 1914 and Stevenson’s in 2010. Tuva, featuring the Alash Ensemble, is Stevenson’s interpretation of the music, land and culture of the Tuvan people. He spent three weeks living in a yurt and playing music with these exceptional instrumentalists and throat singers under the backdrop of the stunning Siberian landscape.
Voyage - CD with download card in handmade Nepalese case. Order here

The packaging for Voyage is more than just a case, it is the art that is intended to accompany the music. Each case was handmade in the mountains of Nepal using lotka paper, hardwood buttons and silk screen printing. The initial order of Voyage was one of the first jobs for the company after being severely damaged in the earthquake. In ordering the physical copy, you are not only supporting my music but are also supporting workers in Nepal. Inside each case there is a CD and a digital download card that can be redeemed easily on this website. This way you can enjoying the physical artwork even if you no longer use CDs. The download card and album credits were letter pressed on a vintage machine in Easthampton, Massachusetts. The art work was created by Todd Murphy and adapted by Fiona Struengmann. They are two of my favorite living artists who I met in Antarctica. 

Voyage - Poster on handmade Nepalese paper. Order here

Dimensions: 20 X 30 inches (51 X 77 cm) Each poster is handmade in the mountains of Nepal. The image is silkscreened on an individual raw sheet of deep blue Nepalese lotka paper.

Voyage - Digital album. Order here